Friday, January 12, 2018

The Gospel According to Biff - Life Lesson #2 - "You Can Make A Difference"

You may be asking yourself..."Does she realize that Biff...was just a dog?!" HA!! I sometimes ask myself that question too.  Yes...he was just a dog, but hind sight...he was something God used to help me through an incredibly difficult time.  Did he realize it? Obviously not! He was just a dog!! But I sure felt his impact and warmth in my life during such a cold, hard season.

There are a couple things that I'd like you to remember.  Biff, being rejected from his litter, and set aside probably to just die, was never believed to live a good productive life.  He was written off.  He wasn't given much hope.  But in my eyes...Biff was a gift.  In his own unique way, he blessed me and made me feel great joy and love.  When I was sad, he brought me a smile.  He made a difference in my life.

This is a short life lesson to remember....but very important to remember.  You may think you don't matter.  You may think you've been written off.  You may even believe that no one sees you, or feels that you can do anything of significance.  I'm here to tell you...that is a lie!!

Ephesians 2:10 says that YOU are God's handiwork!! He created you to do good works!! These good works are to make an impact on people!! were created for a reason and a make a difference in the life of someone else!! Don't EVER let someone belittle you and make you feel you're not important!!!

You are...and you CAN make a difference in someones life...even if it's something small.  You may never know how you have impacted someones life. You may never know how your word, your smile, your kind deed makes a difference in someone life.  But it doesn't only matters to that one you helped to lift up!!

Today I'd just like to encourage DO make a difference.  You're loved and valued!! Walk out each day knowing that no matter how small you may feel....your life makes a big impact!!

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