Friday, December 22, 2017

The Gospel According to Biff - Life Lessons From My Dog

It has been almost 20 years since we have said good-bye to the sweet little dog.  You see...this little life saver came into my life during a very difficult time.  My 17 year old brother was killed in a small engine plane crash...and we were all a little lost.  My family wanted to get me a dog to help fill some of the void that we all were feeling at loosing my brother.

When we went to pick our dog out from the breeder...he took us and showed us all the litters he had.  We looked at puppy after puppy....but none seemed to jump out and tug my heart.  At the end of the tour I asked him if that was all he had.  I wanted to see if he had any more puppies because the one for me, I didn't see.  He proceeded to tell me that was all he had....but with a long pause...he said "Well...we do have this other one...but it's been rejected by its litter and mom. You won't want him."  I assured him that I wanted to see him.  So he took me inside to see this runt of a puppy....and my heart leaped outside of my chest....that was the one for me! I knew it!!

He was indeed a "special" dog.  But he taught me so much during the 6-7 short years he lived.  When he was alive I wanted to write a book about all the neat nuggets and insights he taught me...but I never did.  So today...almost 20 years later...I felt like my blog was a good place to share with you the nuggets this sweet dog taught me.  I always said its "The Gospel According to Biff" because the life lessons I learned from this sweet dog are lessons we can all remember to take with us throughout life.

So I welcome you to join me over the next few blog posts as I reminisce about these simple life lessons from my dog!! God teaches us amazing things through all of life...if we will just open our eyes and hearts to hear Him!! These are the few things that Biff taught me....

1.  You Are Special AND Chosen
2.  You Can Make A Difference
3.  How You See Yourself Determines Your Reach
4.  Our View Limits Us...God's View Empowers Us
5.  Walking Straight Gets You There Faster
6.  Don't Eat Scraps when Fresh Food is Waiting
7.  Your Presence Is A Blessing
8.  Get All Feet In or You Have A Mess
9.  Jealousy Divides....Joy Binds
10.  Little Things Can Change The World

I hope you will join me as I share the sweet life lessons in this "Gospel According to Biff."  God teaches us through all kinds of things....even our sweet little dogs!! I look forward to sharing these little nuggets.  They are indeed "Pearls of Purpose" from my 20's.  Have a wonderful Christmas!! Blessings!

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