Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This Ain't Home!!!

Traveling home from a weekend get-a-way with our family...we had to go through a "big city."'s considered a "big city" compared to what we're used to.  It was actually Nashville, TN.  The interstate was backed up bumper to bumper and we made a split decision to head closer to the city, the downtown area to bypass the traffic.

Nashville, TN
As we went toward the skylight...our youngest son who was adopted from China...exclaimed "WHOA!!!"  He was in awe of the big buildings and how big this downtown area looked.  He was wide eyed and amazed!! I chuckled...because he responded as if it was the first cityscape he had ever seen.  In all actuality....he is from a city in China that has over 32 MILLION people.  The downtown area where he is from dwarf's the little cityscape of Nashville.  But you see...he doesn't remember where he is from.

Chongqing, China
Did you catch that?!? HE DOESN'T REMEMBER WHERE HE IS FROM! Considering this world we live in is not our home....don't you find yourself in the same place as my son? We admire all the things this world has to offer. We strive for these goals we have set for our lives that are really not our own.  These things we admire and these goals that we set for ourselves PALE in comparison to the Master Designer's plan for our lives and what HE has created for us!

I recently purchased some Norwex products from a dear friend.  I didn't know a lot about the products, but knew they were good and supposed to be good for the home and environment.  One of the things I purchased was the Norwex mop system.  I've got to admit....after being so excited for it to come in....I was totally bummed once I got it.   I couldn't believe that I got it.  But least it helped to support my friend as they raised money for their adoption.  It was a good cause. #AdoptionRocks

Continuing to want to support her...I decided to tag along with her to another Norwex show she was having.  As she gave the demonstration again...she showed the proper way to use the mop and I was FLOORED!! The light bulb went off in my head!!!
I had been using it wrong this whole time!

Excited to try it once home...I couldn't wait to sweep my floor with it.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! Let me tell you! It is the most amazing thing. It's wonderful for pet hair!!! It's now my favorite cleaning tool.

What was my problem before?!?! I was not using it the way the maker intended it.  I had my way of using it, the way that I thought was the best way to use it.  I honestly just didn't realize there was a better way to use it.  I didn't realize it would work so much better the way the maker envisioned it.  Really....I didn't know there was another way to use it! I was looking at it from MY perspective instead of the makers perspective.

Isaiah 55:8 (The Message)
“I don’t think the way you think.  
The way you work isn’t the way I work.”
And so it is with us! This world that we live in is not our home! The life we strive to create and live, is really not our life! It is ours to steward the way the Lord wants us to.  Things we think we could never do...God may be saying..."But that is what I want you to do."  He is seeing it from a Heavenly perspective...the perspective from where we were designed and created.

He is saying...."Don't let the world define you and make you think you can't do something that I have really created you to do!"  He is our HEAVENLY FATHER!!! He works things out all for HIS GLORY, from HIS Perspective, and based on HIS plan! Not of this world based on things we see! (And mind you...HE does it! We don't have to force something!!)

1 Corinthians 2:9

So today as you ponder and seek him...remember...the little plan/dream you have in your head that you think is really NOTHING compared to the Master Designer's plan for your life. Don't forget what your Homeland looks like and the way your Homeland's principles work! Seek HIM in the midst of the unknowns...Don't get distracted by little things, or discouraged by seemingly big things.  Remember where your home is and that He's your Daddy and you cannot imagine all that HE has planned for you!

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