Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's All About Timing

It's summer time! Sitting here quietly while my kids have their "down" time.  They're soaking up every minute of their electronic time as possible.  Have you ever seen one of those cool apps that lets you play the piano? You just follow the dots where they tell you to go and you have officially played the whole song.  They're really fun apps.

So I'm sitting here...listening to one of my children play through the songs as fast as she she's trying to beat a record. I was trying to figure out what each song was that she was playing.  I could catch what some of the songs were by just the notes alone.  But my daughter was just clicking the buttons...she had no idea how the song went.  So even though she was pressing the correct note...her timing was off. She didn't have the rhythm of the song.  Without the rhythm...the song was completely unrecognizable in so many ways.

The rhythm is just as important as the notes.  

The beat each note holds...the rests...the syncopation...they all make the song what it is! It's not just about playing the right notes!

Isn't that what life is like? Many times we feel if we just "DO" the right things (play the right notes) everything is going to work out like we think it should. God will open all the right doors and things will go just like you think!  But that isn't the case.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

This is a very familiar passage in the Bible.  Many of us have heard it our whole lives.  It is so true! Just like the "timing" of a song is necessary for it to be the song it was written to be....The "timing" of our lives is equally important for our lives to be like it was designed as well.

When we feel like we're doing all the right things and have everything in place...but it's not working like we think it should....MAYBE...just MAYBE it's the timing.  God does everything in seasons...and HIS seasons most of the time are different from our time table.  

For many years...Mark and I could never figure out why we seemed to be doing all the right things...but our path was not going where we thought it should be going. It really made no sense to us.  We went through many seasons of discouragement and second guessing ourselves. The enemy would quickly come in to discourage us and make us feel like we had missed God and we weren't good enough.  But really....the whole thing is just about timing. The timing of our "song" of life.  

Just because you're doing it all right, playing all the right notes, doesn't mean it's the right timing.  Keep being faithful...and don't grow weary in doing what it right.  Gods timing is different from ours...but don't stop! Keep playing the right notes....let them become second nature.  Then once God places our life song on the right rhythm....Our lives will begin to make beautiful music!! 

This is just another little lesson, "A Pearl of Purpose" if you will, that I've been learning in my life song!! Can't wait to hear beautiful music from YOUR life song as well!! Have a great week!!

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