Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Adopted Too!! - My Personal Story of Adoption

I know many of you know that my husband and I have adopted two children from China.  We adopted a precious 3 year old daughter in 2007 and a 5 year old boy in 2013.  Many people don't really understand adoption.  Why in the world would we want to go to the other side of the world and bring a child into our home that we have never met?  Why would we want to spend years coming up with a combined total of $78,000 just to pay for all the paperwork and everything else needed to adopt them and go and get them? It really makes no sense does it?

They did not do one thing to draw us to them. They did not do anything for us to make such sacrifices to do all we could at all costs to go and get them.  They did nothing to deserve our attention or our love.  We didn't know them, or all the "problems" or "issues" they could have had.  For all we knew, we could have been bringing a child into our home that had major issues.  But you know what?!? It didn't matter.

In our mind and hearts, there were two children on the other side of the world that God said was special and he destined them to be in our family.  So we wanted to do all we could to get to them. We loved them even without knowing them.  They were valuable! They were treasures that we had to do all we could to get and bring into our family.

We did all we could within our means to go and get them and bring them home.  For 18 months, we turned our world upside down doing home studies, filling our paperwork and chasing a ton of paperwork trails.  We spent countless hours raising funds to do all we could to get to our daughter and bring her home. took 15 months of the same thing for our son.  The very thing driving us the whole time was a love in our hearts for these two precious children.  We wanted to love them, show them acceptance and give them a home and a forever family.

Adoption changed our life! After having our children in our family for several years now...we cannot imagine our lives without them.  We cannot imagine not making those hard choices and sacrifices to get them and bring them home.  They are such an important and vital part of our family now.   They love us now, even though at the beginning they didn't know us.  You see....they love us now...because we first loved them and gave all we could to get to them and provide them with all the love we have to give them.

Many of you have watched us walk that journey of adoption twice.  But I bet many of you did not know my story.  You didn't know that I was adopted too!
When I was 9 years old I found out that there was someone that loved me with unconditional love and thought I was so special!! 

I found out what He did in order to make me part of HIS family.  I could not believe that someone would go to such great lengths to show me love.  What I found out was that God had decided in advance that he wanted to adopt me into His family. (Eph. 1:5)

His price was great!  While the price we paid to adopt our children was around $78,000, and many years of paperwork and sacrifice of our time and energy.  What He paid for me, made our sacrifice pale in comparison.  You see...He gave us His ONLY SON to die for me and for my sins, so I would be free to be a part of His Forever Family.

Because of my sin, I would not be able to be a part of His family.  There had to be a way for my sins to be wiped away and forgiven so I could become part of His wonderful, loving family.

God saw my value, and loved me so much, He gave His only son Jesus to die for the forgiveness of my sins.  It was a FREE GIFT!!  It was nothing I did to deserve it.  He just loved me enough, and wanted to do all He could to show me that love and provide me with a loving Forever Family.

When I was 9 years old, I was adopted into the Family of God, and I will never forget it.  My life was changed forever and I have lived with purpose and meaning ever since!  I love Him now because HE first loved me.
He overlooked all my faults, and all the areas where I needed improvement.  He knew I would grow and learn to overcome these areas of weaknesses.  He loved me anyway...with all my imperfections.  Just like we did with our own children...we did not turn them away because of issues they were dealing with.  We love them through it and help them overcome them...whether its behavior issues, health issues, or emotional issues.  We didn't require them to over come those before we loved them and made them a part of our forever family! We want to love them through it.

That is what Christ did for me!! He died for me even though I have all kinds of flaws, and areas that need improvement.  He loved me anyway....flaws and all!! 

I have something exciting to share!! God loves YOU TOO!!  He has gone to such great lengths to do all He could to adopt you into his family!!

He is a loving Father waiting so patiently to be able to show you His love and acceptance.  You have not done anything to draw Him, and you have not done anything to keep Him away! He is always there....waiting on just the right time!! He sees you and He sees how precious and valuable you are.  He would do anything to let you know He Loves You!!

It has been years since we have adopted our son and daughter.  When we first brought them home, they didn't realize that we were going to love them, and care for them no matter what.  They struggled to accept our love.  They had to come to a point to learn to accept this love and this free gift of family that we were giving them.  But now they know we love them and we want the best for them.  They know we would do absolutely ANYTHING to show them love and acceptance. We would protect them! That's what family does.

Now...they accept our love willingly.  They no longer reject us because of fear.  They know we love them unconditionally. 

That is the way it is with our Heavenly Father.  He is steadfast and will love you, even when you don't love Him....even when you reject him...He is faithful!

I want to encourage you to open your heart, and consider the fact that you are loved and you have a Heavenly Father who has gone to great lengths to adopt you as a son or a daughter in His Family.

Adoption is a beautiful thing.  It is a blessing.  I have been touched by adoption in many ways.  It was not until we adopted our two children that I realized just how deep our Heavenly Father loves me.

He Loves you that much too.  Stop for a moment....think about this....HE LOVES YOU!!! HE ACCEPTS YOU...just the way you are!!! Take time to receive this love today.  You don't have to reject it because of fear anymore.  He is always going to love you. He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to forgive you of your sins so you could be adopted into His family forever.  

I am grateful my adopted children have learned to love and accept us as their mom and dad.  We love them.  I want to do all we can to show love and acceptance to them.  I am grateful I AM ADOPTED and have been loved, accepted and given a purpose on this earth.  He makes me all that I am!!

Likewise, God wants to do that for you! Would you open your heart to be adopted today?!? 

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