Monday, June 1, 2015

When The Dust Settles

I LOVE to mow our lawn.  It is something that I can't wait to get out and do each week when I have the time.  It is such a special time for me to think and ponder all the things going on in my life.  It's a blessing!

It takes a little over an hour to mow our lawn.  While I'm sitting and enjoying the productivity of long grass blades being reduced to never fails that God speaks to me through something in nature.  I love it!! His principles are carried out in all facets of life.  I love when God speaks to me through nature.

We have this one section in the back of our property that is somewhat woody, and shaded with many trees.  But it still has to be mowed or we will be overtaken by all the vines...and weeds that creep up back there.  Not much grass grows because its quite shady.  You don't see much sun back there at all.  It's usually the last thing I cut in the back yard...because it stirs up SO MUCH dust.  It really makes a mess!!

What NEVER ceases to amaze me is when I get back in that area to cut and start stirring up the dust...I begin to see the most beautiful sun rays peering through every little sparse place in the trees. It's almost heavenly as I drive through those sun rays enveloped in dust.

Immediately what God spoke to me is when the "dust" gets stirred up in our life,  its the time for HIM, the SON, to shine.  You see...I didn't see any sun shinning through that back part of my yard until I stirred the dust up.  I didn't realize there was sunlight coming through.  How beautiful it became once that dust was stirred up.

In our lives...when we walk through tough times or's like the dust getting stirred up in our lives.  It's during those times we can actually SEE God's hand moving in our lives...and more is when others can SEE God in our lives.  It's the perfect time to let him shine.

Know every trial and tough time you walk through is an amazing opportunity to let the rays of God's love shine through us to others.   It's a perfect time to really see God moving, to feel His presence and see His hand. On a daily may be hard to really see God move or see Him in your life.   It may be easier for us at times when the dust has settled...but it is when things are stirred up that things are happening and He is moving us forward toward a more beautiful place.

Don't be discouraged as you walk through challenges.  Keep in is just the dust getting stirred up and God is wanting to shine through you!! Be encouraged!! This is just another "pearl of purpose" I've been learning in this thing called life!!

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