Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Do You Crave?

As I searched online this morning for the word "cravings", Its no surprise to see that SO MANY people crave sweets. It was sort of funny to see all the pictures of people doing all they could to resist that sweet temptation. But the sweet temptation wasn't what I was looking to expound on. I have craved something pretty consistently for over 13 years especially at bedtime. Never realized it was really a craving...just thought it was normal...that everyone loved it as much as I did. Funny thought now, hindsight.

What craving am I talking about? ICE!! For years...I have had pretty much an uncontrollable desire for ice. I have ALWAYS ordered a drink with extra ice and couldn't wait to finish my drink so I could chomp on it. Popping the cup up to my mouth, tapping the bottom to pour a few pieces into my mouth, and AHHHH......there it was!! The cold sensation of the frozen water, and the awesome feeling I got to chomp away at it. (Always chewing it at the same rhythm according to my oldest daughter! LOL) Then, to swallow...LOVED how it felt to swallow the cold crushed ice and feel it travel down into my warm body. Did I tell you how much I LOVED THIS??!!? LOL

Guess you could tell I got a little too much joy out of this. I truly thought NOTHING of it, at all. I have just always loved it (at least to the best of my memory). I honestly just thought all southerners liked ice as much as I did. Until recently.

I had been having some health difficulties that forced me to go to the doctor. (I really DO NOT like to go to the doctor). But...I had to, I was miserable. Thank goodness...the doctor helped me for the reason I was there. He also wanted to run some bloodwork to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong with my blood count. I was glad he was doing that...just so I knew.

I waited a few days for the report, a little nervous. I had no clue what would come back. To my surprise, only one thing came back low... it was my iron. WHAT?!? I'm anemic?!?! REALLY?!?

Well...I guess that would explain some over-tiredness, some crankiness, some hairloss, etc. Makes sense. So the doctor put me on iron supplements for 3 months and I have to go back to be checked again. (Stay with me...there is a point to this story)

So...I began to take the supplements regularly. I started to feel less tired and sluggish after a while...which is a GREAT thing. But you know what I noticed more than ANYTHING?!? I didn't want to eat my regular glass of ice at bedtime. I would fill my glass up and couldn't wait to eat it...but after one or two bites...I didn't want it.

That was odd to me. No longer when I'd go out to eat would I want to hurry and eat my ice. I didn't crave it anymore. WILD!!! After craving something for SO LONG and to no longer really desire it, out of the blue seemed unbelievable to me.

You have probably already put the pieces together. It was the LOW IRON that was causing my craving for ice. AH HA! THAT was the reason for years that I had desired something I thought was so good. It really wasn't that it was so good, or good for me, it was that my body was deficient and it caused a craving in me for something that really wasn't so good.

Which brings me to my point... how many times in our we crave - long for something, not necessarily something physical, like ice? It may be a dream, a desire in our hearts that we have. It may be a childhood fantasy, it may be expectations of a spouse or family member, it may be unhealthy addictions.

I have come to the realization that sometimes...we CRAVE things because our spirits are deficient. There is an underlying need that our spirit man craves, yet our soulish man interprets it in a soulish way. Things we can't let go of, things that are unbalanced, mindsets that seem unrealistic. These things, and many other things can truly be signals that we are deficient of the REAL ingredient, the real "mineral", so to speak, in our life.

Once we grab hold of what our spirit is really craving, we will no longer desire things of the flesh.

Galatians 5:16 (NLT) So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won't be doing what your sinful nature craves.

Yea...I know...that word "sinful" there makes it seem terrible. But I found this third definition of sinful online. Its a different look at the word.

sinful - far more than usual or expected; "an extraordinary desire for approval"; "it was an over-the-top experience"over-the-top, extraordinary immoderate - beyond reasonable limits; "immoderate laughter"; "immoderate spending"

My craving for ice was to say the least, OVER THE TOP, beyond reasonable limits. Sometimes...the things we desire aren't necessarily BAD things...they just control our lives...our thoughts...our actions. THAT is where it becomes unhealthy. And sometimes...that craving is just a symptom of a lack of the real thing we are missing.

For me, it was the mineral iron. What is it for you? What do you crave that is over the top? What do you desire so much that it seems to control your thoughts and actions. Have you ever thought that it may not be what you really NEED?

I encourage you today, examine your life. Ask God to do a little testing to see if you're out of balance or deficient in any area. If you are...ask Him to show you what you are REALLY needing. When we do that...our unhealthy cravings will no longer be, and we will be filled with what we were MEANT to be filled with.

What do YOU crave today? I would LOVE to hear from anyone on what God shows them!! He is so faithful to show us when we ask!! Have a WONDERFUL day! Blessings!

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jhand said...

I have a friend that also loves to chew on ice, I may have to mention to her to have her iron checked. :)
Thanks for the insight to examine our cravings to find the real deficencies in our lives.