Friday, October 7, 2011

Letting Go

Letting go seems to be something SO HARD to do for this control girl. I have spent my life setting goals...dreaming dreams...and expecting if I'm prepared and pull my will all work out as I have planned.

LOL....I can't help but laugh a little....and maybe even see God chuckle with love at me. He in all his creativity made me to be the planner, to be the responsible, get things done and accomplished kind of girl...He knows how I feel most comfortable working. But he ALSO tells me in His Word in Proverbs 16:9 "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps" (NLT).

This is a confusing concept for me. I have grappled with it quite a bit over the years. IF...we make our plans...(which is ok to do...) but the Lord determines our steps...then is it even important to set dream dreams? Am I wasting time and energy on things I THINK are God's will?

I personally STILL don't know this answer. I do know to seek HIM in all I do...and that would include seeking HIS heart and will in my goal planning and dreaming. But at some point...I have begun to look at myself being 40 years old now...and I'm not seeing things that I feel like God placed in me and on my heart come to fruition. I'm not even seeing it GROW for that matter. Is it still it dormant and waiting for the right season still? I don't know.

This I DO KNOW....Scripture tells us in Luke 9:24 "For whoever has a desire to keep his life will have it taken from him, but whoever gives up his life because of me, will keep it." (Basic English Bible).

This can mean so much in a ton of situations. But for this situation....I hear that if I will allow my life to be lost for seeking's ok...cause in that loosing of my life and letting go of my life (my goals and dreams)...I will find my life.

It almost doesn't make sense. How in the world can you just let go of things that are so important to you? Its hard....but I am always reminded...unless a seed falls to the ground and CANNOT bring forth fruit. That seed has to be has to crack open and allow whats inside to come out. I'm sure that is a painful process. As a matter of fact...I KNOW its a painful process. But....its a PROMISING PROCESS!!! It means when I LET GO OF, BURY, LET DIE the goals and dreams I have in my heart in order to just submit myself to HIM...I will produce fruit and harvest as he promised.

But if I do not let go and try to hold onto my life...I will loose it and in turn will not produce fruit and be fulfilled. It's the way God's economy works. You give in order to let go in order to DIE in order to LIVE!

Crazy, I know. I'm learning and doing my best to let go. Its ok for me to dream and goal long as I lay them at HIS feet. What are you holding onto today? Have you thought about letting it go for HIS sake? After is in loosing ourselves that we will find ourselves. I pray we can all live lives that are full of hope and dreams that are planted deeply in the soil of GOD's heart and plans - ready to bring forth a productive and fulfilling fruit!!

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jhand said...

Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Hope you are all doing well.