Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Joseph Project

I'm not sure if anyone reads my blog anymore...but I wanted to share our new project here anyway. We are calling our new project "Our Joseph Project. Our website is: What is this all about?!? Read below and you'll see why we're doing it!!

In Genesis, Joseph had direction from the Lord to save a portion of their food for preparation of a time of famine. For over a year now, we have felt a prompting from the Lord to get prepared. This prompting is not out of is out of a clear direction of something God has put on our heart.

It was quite overwhelming knowing how to get prepared and where to start and we continued to postpone doing anything. We watched the Tsunami in Japan come....crazy winter weather come....and lived through the largest tornado outbreak in the state of Alabama on April 27, 2011. We realized through that event in particular after a week of no power...just how unprepared we were.

We was time for us to get busy being obedient to what God had placed on our heart. Whether it is a natural disaster, a U.S. financial disaster or even a family crisis of a job loss or hospitalization...we need to be obedient and prepare.

Thus...our Joseph Project and pursuit into Shelf Reliance for our family. We are very excited about the possibility of what it will do for our family...and how we possibly will be able to help those around us. We are just beginning our journey....but it is one we are excited about and cannot wait to learn more about.

We hope you will consider a Joseph Project of your own, having the ability to provide for your family in a time of need...and also having a resource that can reach out and help others in their time of need as well.

PROVERBS 27:12 (TLB) "A sensible man watches for problems ahead and prepares to meet them. The simpleton never looks, and suffers the consequences."

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