Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Healthy Endeavor

Well…tonight Mark and I went to the grocery and purchased our first week and a half worth of meals for the Daniel Fast we are about to embark on. While the Daniel Fast is only 21 days…we truly desire for this to be a catapult for our entire family to begin to live a healthier life style. If we cannot take care of our bodies, and keep them healthy…how can we carry out the mission and plan that God has for our lives? We WANT to do all He has planned for us. But….we know it’s not going to be without challenge.

It was sort of comical at the grocery as we were glued to our Daniel fast list and shopped. We stayed mostly in the produce area with a couple of stops at the frozen section and maybe an aisle or two. It was SO foreign to us…because we are used to spending most of our time in all the aisles we shouldn’t. Honestly…we need an “Eating Healthy for Dummies” book. We have spent so many years eating the wrong thing and the wrong way…it’s sort of foreign to us stepping into the right way of eating.

Most of our items we knew what they were…but as embarrassed as we were…we still had to ask a store associate where several things were that we didn’t even know what it was. I mean…what are “pine nuts” and do they come from pine trees?!? What about barley? I know that’s probably a simple one for most of you…but I had NO CLUE what barley was NOR did I know where to look for it. It took the store associate a while to find it as well…but we did. (for the record…it’s like an oat or something….weird! We have a recipe it goes in. We’ll see how it tastes soon enough! LOL!)

Anyway….it was an interesting trip to the grocery, to say the least. Our basket looked like a perfect picture you’d see in some of the most awesome health food ads and stuff. We kind of felt proud of what we’d purchased because we knew it was all healthy, live food and it was all good for us! I pray for this whole time that God will help us be diligent and press through when we are having to eat things that might not be what we normally eat…or that might not even taste good. Cause we know it’s good for us, and we’ll eventually begin to like it because as I’m discovering…we crave what we eat!

With all this in mind…I realized that this journey is one that might not be easy…but I know it is what is best for us. It might take a little…no a LOT of discipline at first…but in time…it will become a delight for us. As is so many things in our Christian walk…from the very first days of being a zealous new believer…to those days when it’s hard to even pick up our Bible and pray. It’s good for us…even when it’s hard for us and we might not want to do it.

So, I look forward to the next 21 days of conditioning and discipline of prayer and promise. I pray that I can press on when its easy…and press on when its hard…that I can remember that what we’re doing is good for us and that it will help us all fulfill all God has planned for us. Pray for us as we do this….pray for our kiddos as they are embarking on a TOTALLY new way of eating. It will be challenging…be we can do it. As we tell our kiddos…we can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives us strength. So here’s to a strong 21 days!!

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jhand said...

Hey! Good wishes on your 21 day Daniel Fast. I just purchased a bread machine and am planning to grind my own grain and bake whole grain bread as a start on a healhier eating plan. We have been home 4 weeks with our new son from China. Our blog is
Happy New Year!

Julie and the rest of the Hand Family