Monday, September 27, 2010

Roots, Prep Work, Building....Beautiful!!!

What is really beneath our struggles? What lies are we believing? What lies are we living, all because the roots that go deep in our lives have caused us to grow with a certain bent?

We have been in the process of building a guest house/cottage for my husbands parents. We have literally started from the ground up. I have to admit...I've gotten slightly irritated at what has seemed like delays to me...but you know...I've wanted to see a house on the property.

Little did I know they would have to absolutely dig up our entire back yard in order to get the septic lines prepared for the property. As if that was enough...they had to dig trenches around the perimeter of where the little cottage would be...I mean they were DEEP! THEN...concrete had to be poured completely in those huge trenches. This is what they call the foundation footers.

I had always heard how important the foundation is...but I honestly had NO CLUE so much work and preparation had to take place the technically unseen areas...before something SEEN would begin to take place.

I couldn't help but think of the awesome parallel that this is to our lives. Do we all want our lives to become all that God wants it to be? Do we want to see our hopes and dreams come to full fruition? YES...YES! We all do.

But what we have to realize is for God to build a beautiful, strong, stable structure in our lives...He has to dig deep into the soil of our out unhealthy roots that would interfere with the stability of our structure...and then prepare all the grounds to just BEGIN to build a structure that we are hoping and dreaming for.

There is a lot of pre-work that we don't even think about that has to take place in our lives in order to begin to see what God is actually doing.

My question today is....what negative, bitter roots are in the way of what God is trying to do in our lives? What unhealthy things do we believe about ourselves, about others? Are we looking at life through filter glasses of negativity instead of faith, of hopelessness instead of hope? Take a look at what the root of your actions are. You might just be surprised at the freedom that God wants to bring by cutting that root off. He truly wants to build a beautiful structure through your life. It's exciting to even think about all that God could do...if we let him do the proper prep work on the unseen things of our lives! The finished product is sure to be a beautiful work!!


Mike and Barb said...

It's good to see you blogging again!
Love, Barb

Kim K. said...

I've missed you, too! Beautiful post.