Friday, June 19, 2009

To Flourish

Mark and I were recently talking about how different our lives look now. About five years ago...we were in a floundering state....or at least it felt like we were floundering and not being very productive. But now, both of us feel that it is one of the most productive times we've ever had in our lives. What's different?

Well...our situation resembles that of an orange tree that was planted in Michigan. Michigan has a cold isn't very tropical and conducive to grow a flourishing, healthy orange tree. BUT...if you take that very same it to the tropical climate & soil of Florida, and that same orange tree will flourish. What's the difference.....LOCATION!

Location, location, location isn't only the motto for real estate. It's very applicable in our lives as well. Five years ago...although we were in a good place...we were not in a bad situation or anything...we just were not flourishing and we were not producing fruit like the Lord wanted us to produce. But God made a MAJOR change in our lives. It ROCKED OUR WORLD really....and we did not understand why this change was being made. But...we were obedient....we went with what the Lord was wanting us to do. We have now been here for 5 years.

Just changing our location...where we were in life...what we were doing...who we were doing it with...made all the difference in the WORLD. Speaking for myself, I am still the same person I was prior to our change, but at our old location...I was NOT producing the fruit in my life that I am producing right now. I'm sure there are many factors contributing to this...but the main one is location.

If you feel that you are floundering, and not producing the fruit that you KNOW God wants to come from your life....pray about where you are...YOUR location. This may or may not mean moving towns. It may just mean switching jobs or may mean the circle of friends you may be anything....that's only something the Lord can speak to you about.

But this I know... that Orange tree in Florida is doing what it was intended to do...because it's in the right location. Are YOU? It's just something to think about today!!! Have a great weekend!


Kim K. said...

I love your orange tree/Michigan symbolism. As a Michigander I can totally relate. Glad to have you back. I've missed your blog posts. You are always inspirational.

Amy said...

This is a good word - pondering on it myself!

Livin' out loud said...

Thanks so much for this post, been feeling a bit restless and this just helped me to remember WHO I need to look to at this time (and always!!)