Friday, April 24, 2009

Change seems to be a word that we are hearing a lot of lately. Look at the beautiful color change in that flower above. Without that dramatic color change...that flower wouldn't be as magnificent.

I have to first admit...I am not too thrilled with all the changes going on in our government and our country. The phrase, "not too thrilled" would be mild for me to say. But, I DO have to say...CHANGE IS GOOD. Let me elaborate.

About 4 to 6 weeks ago...we purchased a new ( to US) vehicle. We had been contemplating a trade for a long time. Our oldest daughter, 10, absolutely LOST IT (her composure) while we were in the Toyota place trading in our old van for the new SUV. She was bawling!!! She DID NOT want us to get rid of our old van. It was HERS. It had been since she was a baby. It was a PART OF HER.

We were so torn in there because we didn't want to be insensitive to her sensitivities... but we REALLY needed to make this trade. We just had to tell her we were going to do it. And we did. While waiting for paperwork to process...we took her out to our old van...and took probably 20 pictures of her with the van. We took a picture of her hugging the van....sitting in the drivers seat...really...we took a picture from EVERY ANGLE. She was just SO upset. (I know we'll look back one day and laugh at those pictures)

Anyway...6 weeks later...she is good. She actually likes our new one because she has "control" of their air input. (Yes....I think I have a little choleric on my hands!! She loves control!!) Anyway...something I have noticed over the last 6 weeks is we have kept the vehicle SO CLEAN. I've been amazed. I mean....with our old van...we could clean it one day and it would be trashed the next.

This has gotten me to thinking about change. Change...whether it's a good change...or a bad change....causes us to re-evaluate what we do and why we do it. We're FORCED to make adjustments. Most of them are probably needed adjustments.

I've recently began working part time. I LOVE IT...but it has caused some MAJOR change around our house. I'm STILL trying to find a norm. But we are re-evaluating what we we do it and why we do it...and we are making MUCH NEEDED changes in our home...and in our family and priorities. The change has helped to give us a different perspective.

As for our country and the changes that we are has definitely caused us to re-evaluate our priorities, and has caused us to be more driven by our convictions. The times are leading us away from being able to be "grey" about certain things. We have to stand up for what we believe in...and live a life that reflects the principles we stand on. All these changes...while we don't like them...has really helped us gain a new perspective on preparing for our future. And I tell you...we needed it.

This is what was on my mind this morning. I pray for those of you out there...who like my not like or welcome change....that you will try to see what good will come out of this change. It's a process...but it's worth it to have our attitudes focused properly!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


Amy said...

Change is hard but it can definitely be a good thing :) Bless your daughter's heart - I am like that with houses. It is always hard to leave something that you have so many memories with.

We may not like change but we just have to be open to it :)

Kim K. said...

I always enjoy your posts. Change is hard but it can definitely bring positive changes. It's hard to see it at the time (I have to remind myself of that with Josie ALL THE TIME). I'd love to see a picture of your daughter in the old van. Too precious. I hope you're finding a balance with work and homelife. Hugs!!

Kimberly said...

Bless your little daughter's heart. :) You were sweet to take all of those pictures of her with the van...but also wise to go ahead and make the switch to a new vehicle, one which she can now see was a change with some good points.

So many times God has to place me in situations where I have no choice but to change...cause otherwise, I just won't. :) But then, after all of my fussing and crying, I see that indeed, change was necessary. I have to remind myself He is worthy to be trusted...even when He asks me to make some tough changes. I am so thankful He is for us and not against us!

Have a great weekend!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

change is hard but a good thing so many times....loved finding your blog....I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
Hope you will stop by for a visit.
The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...