Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Are there ever times in your life where you feel that you're not sure if the Lord is speaking anything at all to you? I have felt like that lately. I have been SO BUSY with life...that it just doesn't seem that I hear Him speak to me. I have tried SO hard to have something GREAT to post about....but it's just not there! Silence....As I think hard and try to press into what the Lord might be saying....nothing...Silence.

Have any of you ever been there? I don't really like this place. I LOVE communication...with anyone...but I especially love to hear from the Lord. I've just been dry. A Change of seasons may be the reason...who knows! But this morning as I was thinking about this Silence...I was reminded of one of my all time FAVORITE songs... "He Is Not Silent" by Out of the Grey. You've GOT to listen to the song...but here are the lyrics to the chorus:

But He is not silent
He is not whispering
We are not quiet
We are not listening
He sends a lifeline
We keep resisting Him
He is not silent
We are not listening

Wow...that REALLY hit me this morning. Is He really silent...or am I just not listening?!?! Hmmmmmm. Maybe He's speaking to me in the every day irritations that I experience. These things maybe shouldn't be irritants.....Maybe He's saying...Buffi...put down that book; Buffi...get off the computer; Buffi...be a better steward of your time; Buffi...remember the song "Cats in the Cradle"; Buffi...you're not listening!!!!!

For those of us that have children....how frustrating is it when our kids do not listen to us?!? I've told my husband over and over..."How hard can it be for them to just obey the first time we say something?!?!" I mean...it's easy...isn't it? You just OBEY!!! I have gotten SO frustrated to the point that I am yelling at the kids because they don't obey and they don't listen. But really...AM I LISTENING TO AND OBEYING the Lord?!?

I'm asking myself that this morning. Is God Silent...or am I not listening? I know my kids just don't listen. Maybe they are just imitating what they see in me?!? OOh...it stings...I know. But it's just where I am!

So I ask you the question this morning....Is God Silent....or are you not listening? Check out the song above....I think you'll like it! I pray that we can all find the place where we really LISTEN to what God is saying. Sometimes it's subtle...like a whisper. We've got to be in the place to listen! I pray for each one of us this morning that we will hear and obey the promptings of the Lord.


Amy said...

I always loved that song. I kind of find myself in that same place. I know God wants to talk to us but we need to be still to hear him. I find that hard to do. Thanks for reminding me to keep my ears and eyes open and listen.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

We are not listening...He speaks very clearly through His written word if we just stop long enough to read it. I know exactly how you feel, and it's such a human response to automatically assume that it's somehoe God's fault that we have fallen away from communion with Him. I do this all the time, and then I have to give myself a good mental shake (or kick in the pants, whichever works best!) and remember that He never forsakes me. I'm the one who does the leaving.

Praise God that He is steadfast in His unfailing love!


Kimberly said...

Hi, Buffi!
First, thanks for your comment over at my place. I will lift up a prayer for you and your family. This momma thing and sending our kids off to school is tougher than I thought...but I also know our God is more than enough. :)

I think we all go through times where we can't hear Him. And it is a good time to stop and do a heart check. (Or maybe an ear check.) :) I want to have ears that are ready to hear Him...in the big and the small.

Praise God He is the perfect parent who is longsuffering and patient...even with all of these kids (me, especially) who can be slow to listen and obey!

Have a great weekend!
K :)

Anonymous said...

I truly belive there are seasons God is silent. Not that he is not here, but there are times of silence when i have been listening.

Why did Jesus say, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" I believe He was in the purposeful silence of God.