Monday, March 23, 2009

It's That Time of the Year

Some people dread this time of the year because's a lot of hard work. Mark and I actually enjoy this work. it's cathartic for us. This work I'm referring to is YARD WORK! Now first...I have to admit, I've got the easy job....I RIDE the lawn mower!! :) My hubby has all the tough stuff such as pushing and trimming and weed eating. But we both really enjoy it...that is, until about August and then we're ready for a break!!

So, this weekend was our 1st weekend to get our lawn back in shape. We were so excited because the finished product of a nice looking yard is SO REWARDING!!!

As I was mowing the back yard on Saturday though...something really struck me. About two years ago, we sodded our whole backyard with Bermuda Sod. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was so nice and thick and just a lovely thick carpet of grass to look at!

A few months after we had laid the sod...(it was the next season, I think)...we noticed some weeds coming up in the sod. It was VERY obvious....and looked TERRIBLE!!! We didn't want anything to dis-unify the look of our we got the correct stuff to kill those weeds and feed that grass. But you know what? After a while...we just got tired of doing it! So...the next time we saw some weeds come up...we thought...oh...they'll die and then the grass will come through in the summer. We let those weeds go.

Our lazy attitudes toward weeding has gone on for a couple of years. So, this Saturday, as I was mowing the back yard...I was SHOCKED! MOST of the back yard was now weeds. All that Bermuda grass has been overtaken.

Now...there is still some of the Bermuda there...but most of what we see are weeds. I couldn't believe that our action of leaving the weeds alone not only left us looking at weeds each spring...but it also crowded out the beautiful lawn too. So now, when we cut our yard and sit back to enjoy it...while it may look good for a bit of time, it's mostly WEEDS! UGH. NOT a pretty sight.

Of course the parallel isn't very difficult to see here. We all need to do "daily weeding" in our own lives. It's amazing how the weeds (the bad stuff) will take over if we do not cut it down and make room for all the fruit of the Holy Spirit. (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, temperance, self-control) . It happens before we know it. The absence of these things are the indicator that our lives are "weedy" and needs some spiritual round up and weed-n-feed!!!

I'm sure we all know that that "weed and feed" for our lives is the Word of God...The Bible. Romans 12:2 says, "do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the RENEWING of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God".

Just like we need to be weeding our yard, our gardens, and our landscapes daily...we need to be weeding our mind, our hearts and our motives with the Word of God. This is, and prayer, are our only weapons against "weeds" taking over in our lives.

So, as I was mowing the lawn...I just believe the Lord was reminding me how this "spiritual weeding" is important...and I truly felt that I need some of that "round up" in my life! I've got too many weeds that are crowding out the good things that I know are in my life.

I encourage each one of you begin your spring yard work...begin some spring "spiritual yard work" and examine yourselves. I have and there are SO MANY areas that I need to renew. It's just a good time to do it...a good time to focus on it! I want to be all that the Lord wants me to be. And like that Bermuda grass...I don't want the good be crowded out by those seemingly insignificant little weeds. If I allow it...they will eventually take over! And I DON'T want that!!

Blessings on you guys!!! Happy Weeding!


Kim K. said...

Another beautiful post. I definitely need to take some time to renew my spiritual yard work throughout the entire year. Lent helps push me into this, but I shouldn't rely on Lent.

PS. Can I say that I'm envious that you've had enough warm weather to have grass/weeds that aren't dormant? Our yard is a nice gray/brown color.

Amy said...

So, so true! I need daily spiritual weed pulling!

Props to you on mowing - I have never done it before ;).

jmdines said...

I came across your blog while searching for yard work tips and really enjoyed the entry. I recently had bermuda grass installed in my lawn by Evergreen Turf and have been maintaining it with my boyfriend. You're right that having a nice sod lawn is really rewarding. Have a great day!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love the analogy of the Bible as our spiritual "weed and feed"! I'm going to have to use that in Sunday school this week!!


Keisha said...

Girl.. you should be writing for HomeLife or something!! You are REALLY Good!!
I love this post.. so True.. It's amazing that .. just one weed.. turns into MANY over time. This goes along WELL with that Verse!!!
Thanks for sharing!
BTW: I hate maintaining our yard too!!!

Anonymous said...

Great parallel. try Preen in the garden. It is a FAB herbicide!

Kimberly said...

Oh, my. Oh, my. You are so spot on! We have a fish pond that takes much upkeep...which we let lapse...and now weeds have taken over all around it. We won't even talk about how icky the water gets to looking!

And I know there are times I am so guilty of being lazy about my spiritual weeds. Weeds of any the natural or spiritual ones...they really do take over if left unaddressed. And my problem is, sometimes I just pinch off the top...just what can be seen...never dealing with the root. Not the best plan. :)

Thanks for this reminder! I for SURE need to pull out the weed and feed!