Monday, February 23, 2009

Company is Coming!!!

I'm not sure what "Company is Coming" means at your house...but at means we will have a production to just get READY for company to come. I'm not one of those "fancy" entertainers either. I just want people to come in and make themselves at home. When we's always casual and laid back. But because it is such a huge ordeal just to get my house in order for company...I don't always invite people over. It's sort of sad. But usually the best way for us to get our house good and clean...IS to invite people over!! :)

(As an aside...My hubby said yesterday we should invite someone to ride in our van with us, so we would get it cleaned too!) Terrible, huh? I'm just being honest.

Honestly...I will just put off or avoid all together having anyone over to my house...because it's just not in a condition to have company and it's SO MUCH WORK to get it there. (I am a Type A personality and I LOVE to have things together at all times....but something has happened to me between one child...and three that I have just had to learn to let things go. Which...COULD be considered "growth" in my situation). postpone having people over because it's a lot of work is so bad on my part. Especially when I think of the wonderful time we always have when we have company. You see...friendships become stronger....some new friendships and connections are formed...and memories are made. It's a wonderful thing to do....and I just don't do it enough...all because it's a lot of work.

Think about it though...for us to be at a state of growth....and growing...we have to place ourselves in an "uncomfortable" position. The whole "production" of getting my house together is a dreaded ordeal....but it is SO good that I get it done because it allows for me to connect with friends that I would not have otherwise.

There are so many "comfort zones" of ours that need to be broken in order for us to go to the next level. It seems to be a place that I find myself in very often lately...which is why I keep writing about getting out of our comfort zones. Don't avoid things...just because they're out of the norm...or because it's a lot of work...or because you've never done it. STEP OUT...don't look at the whys or hows? Look at the why nots!!!

Peter (in the Bible) gets a bad wrap sometimes because "he sank when he took his eyes off of Christ". But I tell you what...I think it was AWESOME that he got out of the boat...regardless of the circumstances or his comfortableness...and he just DID IT!!! I admire that so much! He didn't find reasons not to do it...he just did it!!! I want to be that way!

How many things in your life would you step out and do today if you didn't think about how uncomfortable you would be...or all the reasons why you shouldn't do it? Think about it.....the possibilities are limitless. Don't miss out on the unexpected blessings just because it may be a little work...or it may be out of the norm! God is SO AWESOME. He tends to take us to those things that are "out of ourselves" and makes something wonderful from it!

So...with that in mind....I'm having company...and I don't care that I've got to prepare all week for it...and that it's a little exhausting to get things all together. I'm excited about it! I'm stepping out of something I'd RATHER do...and doing something for a greater reward....friendships! :) Hope yall have a great week!


Amy said...

Wow - this is awesome Buffi! This is a great reminder of how important it is to step out and do the uncomfortable thing because you never know what is waiting for you on the other side :)

Kim K. said...

Buffi - What a awesome post. I can so relate to this analogy. Thank you for keeping these reminders out in the open.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I'm laughing because when I was growing up and Mama told us to clean something, our first response was, "Who's coming over??"



Jennifer said...


Mike and Barb said...

So true, Buffi!
I'm the same way, but I'm also learning that things don't always have to be perfect!
Your friends care about you, not your spotless house!!
Love, Barb

The Cornett Family said...

Buffi I can relate 100% to what you said about having company over, and the huge ordeal it creates. I love company, but I hate the chaos we have to go through just to invite people over. Like you, I sometimes just don't have people over because I want to avoid the work. What a great analogy. Thank you for sharing!

LeighAnne said...

I am trying to get over my CHAOS too...(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I have gotten better - I will let Lorie and the girls come over, but they are family practically, so maybe that doesn't count. On a serious note, great post!!! :)