Wednesday, February 11, 2009

But WHY?!?!

I'm sitting here with my miniature schnauzer staring me down. I'm her "mom" and I SO know what she wants. Not just anyone would know. You see...her bowl is full of water and full of food. So what in the WORLD would she want??! Well...once every day or so...I will give her some "wet food". You know that stinky stuff that dogs just LOVE?!? (little Caesars or pedigree) "Pretzel", our dog, LOVES it. So...she is sitting here BEGGING for me to give her some wet food and I won't. She CONTINUES TO STARE. It's a little annoying. You see...I know that we have very wet, bad weather coming and I know...when she eats that wet food...she could be in a "pickle" when the weather comes through. Why you ask....because she will not go outside to potty when it rains. She will hold it as long as she can. But that wet food....doesn't always allow her to wait...if you know what I mean! (hee hee)

You see...I KNOW...why I'm not giving it to her...but she doesn't. And she looks all pitiful. Like I'm not showing her love. But really...I am. I know she's going to be in a bad situation if I give it to her right now. I know just the right time to give it to her. She just has to trust me!

Isn't that the way it is with us and God? How do we respond when something we are SO DESPERATELY praying for doesn't happen when we want? I know I feel convicted! I'm definitely a "want it right now" kind of girl!!! But you know....God knows what is best for us...and WHEN is best for us too...doesn't He? We may not always understand it...but we just have to know that God knows we could be in a "pickle" too if we get what we're wanting at the wrong time!

I just wanted to be an encouragement today. When we're all feeling that impatient feeling when things are not going like we want and we're asking WHY GOD!!!! Just remember...God knows what you want and desire...and He wants to give it to you. But He wants it to be the perfect timing for you so you can enjoy it to the fullest!! Trust HIM today!!! Know that He is SO an ON TIME GOD!!! With much love....


Kim K. said...

Wonderful words of wisdom. Keep them coming. I need reminders like this often...especially when I'm feeling like I want answers to my prayers right NOW!

Amy said...

Did you go through my mailbox today - hahaha! Thanks for the encouragement!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness...this message is so profound. Thank you for sharing just what I needed to hear (or read)!

Lisa Laree said...

What a great illustration!!!! Too funny.

Mike and Barb said...

Great reminder, Buffi!
Love, Barb

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

This is one lesson that I need to keep re-learning!


Keisha said...

What A sweet little face... How can you turn that down?!!! LOL!
And yes... I do know whatcha mean about.. the dogs & US being in a pickle! LOL!
Thanks for the encouragement the other day! You really know how to pull me up girl! Thanks!!!
Love you!

LeighAnne said...

So true! Thanks for the reminder. :) Have a great weekend.