Monday, January 12, 2009

Do We REALLY Believe?

There are SO many promises in God's Word....but do we really believe? I've been faced with choosing to believe something this week. I know what God's word says concerning healing....It says that by Jesus' stripes...we were healed. But yet....I find myself questioning his promise. Let me share with you where I am today.

Our church is doing a 21 day Daniel Fast. Let me just say...WOW I'm hungry!! :) But I am pressing through and wanting to be faithful through this fast because I want to know HIM more...I want to know HIS plan daily and I want to lay down my desires and take up His. Doing this fast makes me very aware of the weaknesses in my body and how important it is that I depend on him. know when you set out on a journey to seek HIM and to press into HIM more...He's going to show up, right? Well...before I tell you what happened to me a couple of nights ago...let me go back a few years.

After my son was born...I realized something wasn't right with my body. It turned out that I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and then eventually Hashimoto's Disease. It is a Auto Immune Thyroid disease. (If you want to know more about can look it up.) Basically...I have to take a pill every morning the rest of my life to keep it regulated. It's a pain in the rear actually. But...for the last 4 years, I've just lived with it and accepted it because it's what the doctor said. I've prayed for healing...but never pressed through to believe God for it.

So...a couple of nights ago...we were all asleep and I was awakened by a very strong pressing and burning in the area where my thyroid is. I thought it might be heartburn or something...I didn't know right off the bat. Then my mind went immediately this worship song. Here are the lyrics:
"You Dance over Me....while I am sing all around...but I never hear the sound. Lord I'm amazed by you...Lord I'm amazed by you...Lord I'm amazed by you love me"

I LOVE this song by the way. The part that I kept hearing was You dance over me while I am unaware. How often are we asleep but yet the Lord is dancing around us? he LOVES us so much and wants to communicate to us!

Anyway....As I began to focus on this...I started to feel that burning pressing in my thyroid again. UGH...what is this I thought. Then I felt the Lord say to my heart "I'm healing your thyroid right now". just began to praise him and thank him for it....and I began declaring over my thyroid it's wholeness.

I didn't say anything about it to anyone until after church on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I really felt like the Lord spoke to me and told me this. My thyroid even seems smaller, (I have a goiter that is sometimes easy to see.) But I was nervous to tell anyone in fear that "what if it wasn't God that told me this." Why was I thinking this?!?!

I KNEW I HAD to tell someone out of faith...trusting and believing what I felt God speak to my heart that night. So I told Mark, my hubby, and he stood with me praising God for His word and His promise. I'm not doing anything different....and I will have the confirmation for sure when I go to the doctor for my annual check up. But I am standing in faith on His word...because I KNOW he says we are HEALED!!

Do you REALLY believe His Words and promises today? What does HE want to do for you today? It's so easy to just believe the reports of the doctors...or statistics...or even your feelings. But HIS report is the report we should believe.

You know...this particular post is about healing...and faith. That can be applied to many different areas of your life. Faith is the substance of things hoped for...and the evidence of things not seen. Step out and trust what His word says...and live boldly and be witnesses to all those around of God's great love. Search your you really believe?

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Kim K. said...

I wonder if you and I share the same thyroid condition? I have Hashimoto's disease (hypothyroidism). I'd love a miracle experience like your own. I'm loving your new blog!!

CF said...

Outstanding testimony.

BUFFI: Do you REALLY believe His Words and promises today? It's so easy to just believe the reports of the doctors...or statistics...or even your feelings. But HIS report is the report we should believe.

Without a doubt I believe His words and promises more than I ever have. We don't know each other, I "stumbled" across your blog by chance (chance...yea right) today. ;-) Anyway...I've been involved in a very "civil" debate with several atheists on my friends blog. They have challenged my faith and I have attempted to look at the world without Christ. They ask for "proof" God exists, etc. As I began to seek God in this, He filled my mind with the moments in my life during which He has never left me alone. The times when I cried to Him at night, the times when He answered prayer in His gracious timing, the time He healed my son of a genetic disorder, the time He healed a blind woman before my eyes and the testimony of an African woman being healed of HIV.

I love the song you mentioned, 'Amazed'. As a young worship leader myself I believe God speaks to us through His songs. Brian Doerksen wrote one many years ago called "Creation Calls." The chorus says:
How can I say there is no God, when all around creation calls? The singing bird, the mighty tree, the vast expanse of open seas...etc.

Be strong and do not fear! God bless you. Come by and pay a visit sometime.


Amy said...

Wow - how awesome! Thanks so for sharing!!! God is great!

Amanda said...

praising God that He has healed you!! I'm looking forward to hearing that the doctors are stunned!!

Anonymous said...

My son David was healed of a tumor on his lung when he was a little tiny boy. God answered the prayers of my church, when I was too broken to believe He would heal My son. I know He heals. I knew it then. What I did not know was He will even heal the ones dearest to us. Our God is a God who heals. Sometimes, for reasons we don't know, He allows a thorn to remain in our sides, but I know He heals!